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laundry list of first annual fomm clothesline contest winners

What fun we had with the First Annual Friends of Mississippi Mills Facebook Page Clotheslines (pics) and Clothes’ Lines (poetry with & without pics) combined competition, the idea for which was sparked by group admin Tracy Stimpson with this question (click on the pic to get to the original post & comments):


I followed with thisĀ (click on the pic to get to the original post & comments):

With that, we were off to the races! People started posting pics and there were lots of great comments, which you can see by clicking on the image above. A gentle reminder accompanied by a short rhyme generated the poetic entriesĀ (click on the pic to get to the original post & comments):

The final results

A total of 14 participants uploaded 21 clothesline pics, five of which were accompanied by poetry. Ellen MacGuigan Symons sent along a contest-closing poem which appears on the second to last slide in the Winners’ Gallery Slideshow below.

Despite the stiff competition, 14 of the 14 launderers and poets breezed to easy wins in their respective categories, each of which had one entry. Congratulations to all on this excellent outcome. A fabulous prize (see below) is being awarded to each of the winners.

Winners may pick up their fabulous prize from me.
First come, first served!


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