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101 love bombing lines and lies narcissistic men use to charm, disarm and dazzle their targets

The first days, weeks, months and sometimes even years with a narcissist (or an abuser) can be akin to living in a fairy tale.

They sweep you off your feet with compliments and declarations of love. They are extraordinarily charming and charismatic. You feel drawn to them like a magnet, they seem too good to be true, and it’s easy to fall under their spell again and again.

Narcissistic men are particularly drawn to compassionate, empathetic women. If those are your strengths, be wary of men who come on fast and intense and who serve up an endless stream of compliments and pronouncements of love – especially too early in a relationship.

If you feel like something’s “off,” it probably is. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

My intuition told me something was wrong right from the start. It told me to get out. I ignored my intuition. I listened instead to the seductive voice of a man who later emotionally abused me. Please don’t do as I did. Please save yourself a lot of pain, confusion and distress.

Yes, you are an amazing, beautiful, caring, compassionate woman who deserves to be loved, respected and cared for. And you deserve better than someone who is going to feed you a bunch of bull, and then turn around and manipulate, disrespect and abuse you.

Don’t fall for a barrage of lines and lies such as these that flow like honey from the mouth a narcissist in the love bombing phase:

  1. I love you
  2. You are amazing
  3. I’ve never met anyone like you before
  4. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have met you
  5. Dang, you’re beautiful
  6. You are an amazing woman
  7. What we have is too precious to lose
  8. I’ve never felt this way before
  9. You are my soul mate
  10. You are the love of my life
  11. You have changed my life
  12. You make me a better man
  13. I was just a shadow of a man before I me you
  14. Life wasn’t worth living before you
  15. You are my world
  16. You are my heart
  17. I want to have children with you
  18. I want to marry you
  19. I want to spend the rest of my life with you
  20. You are the best lover I’ve ever had
  21. No one compares to you
  22. Everything was black before you
  23. Now that I have you, I’m not lonely anymore
  24. My life started when I met you
  25. I feel like I’ve won the lottery
  26. You are different than other women I’ve ever met
  27. No one holds a candle to you
  28. I want to spend the rest of my life with you
  29. I want you all the time
  30. I can’t stop thinking about you
  31. I miss you already
  32. I think about you all the time
  33. I can’t get you off of my mind
  34. You are so sexy
  35. Every time I think of you I get hard
  36. Sex with you is better than any sex I’ve ever had
  37. I love doing small things for you
  38. I want to be with you all the time
  39. You are my life
  40. I can’t live without you
  41. I love you more than anything in the world
  42. I have always known you
  43. I’ve been waiting for you all my life
  44. God sent you to me
  45. You are God’s gift to me
  46. You are the reward for all the suffering I’ve been through in the past
  47. I loved you from the second I saw you
  48. I never want us to be apart
  49. When I saw you, it was love at first sight
  50. No one can ever replace you
  51. You are my earth angel
  52. You are my everything
  53. I don’t need anything or anyone but you
  54. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you
  55. You are my destiny
  56. You are the only woman I want
  57. I can’t imagine life without you
  58. We were meant to be together
  59. I’ve never been as attracted to anyone like I am attracted to you
  60. It’s like we are connected at a deep soul level
  61. I felt like I already knew you when we met
  62. We must have been together in another life
  63. We are so connected physically, intellectually, and emotionally
  64. You blow my mind
  65. I can’t believe how much I love you
  66. I love you so much it hurts
  67. You mean more to me than anything
  68. We are perfect for each other
  69. We are going to have a beautiful life together
  70. I want us to grow old together
  71. You are the answer to my prayers
  72. You’re the only one I’ve ever loved; I didn’t love my exes
  73. I can’t live without you
  74. We are one
  75. I don’t want anyone else but you
  76. Our souls are intertwined
  77. You are the perfect fit for me
  78. You are my queen
  79. You are my sun, moon and stars
  80. I will never hurt you
  81. I will always love you
  82. You fill up my heart
  83. I can’t believe how lucky I am
  84. You inspire me
  85. You make me want to be a better man
  86. You give me courage
  87. I need you
  88. You touch my soul
  89. I will always be honest with you
  90. I want to share everything with you
  91. You are so classy
  92. You are gorgeous
  93. You are everything I ever wanted in a woman
  94. We are connected on a metaphysical level
  95. I’m not alone anymore… I feel you at the core of my being
  96. You are magic. You get me.
  97. I love making love to your mind
  98. You make me feel so alive, and aware
  99. I cherish and treasure you, and every moment we are together
  100. You are a goddess of love
  101. I am in awe of everything you are teaching me

If a narcissistic man is bombarding you with stuff like this (and/or with C&W music), watch out for the signs of devaluation that will inevitably follow. When you start to be devalued, or feel bad about yourself, RUN! As fast as you can! Don’t stay; like I did. Don’t take him back or go back once you have left; as I did. Five times.

If you have left an emotionally abusive relationship with a narcissistic man, and he tries to “hoover” you back with love bombing, remember the cycle will replay itself again.

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