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When I stumbled across this skeleton mask on FB, I was struck by the irony of it being such a perfect mask for a narcissist – a mask that actually shows his or her true nature!

Narcissistic psychopaths are empty at their core. They wear masks, often very charming masks, to seduce their victims into painful, never-ending cycles of narcissistic emotional abuse. The only way to escape the abuse is to flee.

This poem is about that.


Click on the audio player if you would like to hear me read the poem:



of all your masks
this one’s the best
it suits you to a “t”

it shows what lurks
beneath your charm
that others rarely see

except your prey
the ones you hunt
before they learn to flee

your deadly ways
for which they pay
with endless unmet needs

the emptiness
inside your shell
craves supply on which to feed

it doesn’t care
who it destroys
or how much they may bleed

battered victims
in your wake
cry, beseech and plead

as you stalk on
from dusk ’til dawn
a monster in the weeds


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