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all of them lies

I hate lies and lying.

Not surprisingly, I don’t have much patience for liars either.

Honesty is one of the character traits I value most highly in myself and others. Honesty is the soil in which trust grows. Trust is essential for healthy relationships. And relationships are the centre of what it means to be human and in community.

Have I ever lied? Of course I have; we all lie at one time or another.

But with the exception of “little white lies” for good reasons, I regret the lies I’ve told. Telling the truth is a better choice. It’s respectful and honourable and good. Yes, it can be risky. Yes, it makes you vulnerable. But it is real.

Chief among the lessons I’ve learned in my experiences with people who are high on the narcissistic spectrum is that they are often facile and habitual liars.  Some are pathological liars: they lie about everything all the time, even when there is no “need” to. When people lie, it is impossible to build healthy relationships with them. That’s the sad truth of it.

This poem is about that.

all of them lies

©2020 punkie

all of them lies

what would it be like
to live a life that’s a lie
conniving and hiding
like a second-rate spy?

how would it feel
to go from one to the next
chatting in secret
talking sex via text?

how sad would it be
to care just for oneself
then store broken hearts
in old jars on a shelf?

what might it be like
being in constant denial
feeling always accused
and forever on trial?

what if the untruth –
the one you’d been taught –
blinded your eyes to
the hurt you had wrought?

would cheating be worth it
at the end of the day?
or would debts you’d accrued
with your soul then be paid?

at what price the future?
how much for the past?
with all of them lies
the die has been cast


Great article on how psychopaths (including narcissists) use lying as a tool to abuse others.


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Maybe I told you right from the start,
You can have me, but you can’t have my heart,
It’s easy enough to say but I couldn’t care less,
Yeah I might’ve told you you were on my mind,
But, guess I talk a pretty good line,
Hey I could talk all day,
But I just can’t confess,
That I’m a liar,
I’m a victim of desire,
I’m moth into the fire,
Yeah I’m over my head – forget what I said,
Tell ya I’m a liar,
I’m just walking on the wire,
That I couldn’t get much higher,
Yeah I’m over my head – forget what I said,
Baby I’m a liar.
Yeah when I told you I was hard to pin down,
Ya know I was just messin’ around,
Guess you know by now that that’s just my way,
And if you want stories – well I got a few,
But hey, this is the truth I swear to you,
Yeah how many more times do you want me to say
I’m a liar
if I told ya to go away
baby you can’t believe a thing I say

see the me that’s me

see the me that’s me

see the me that’s me



everything’s gonna be alright…eventually