A Gift of Faith

I don’t know Evelyn Ferchuk. Never met her. Never spoke to her. Never seen her. She lives in Calgary, on the other side of the world.

Today, Evelyn Ferchuk gave me a wonderful gift. The gift of faith.

I didn’t take much time or effort on her part. And it didn’t cost anything at all. She wrote me a short email to say thanks for introducing her to this “wonderful website.”

Evelyn’s off on vacation for two weeks, but she said she’ll be sure to give the link to amazingwomenrock.com to everyone she knows when she gets back. That’s how the website will become known. Women will tell other women. Women will tell men. Men will tell women. Maybe even men will tell men! That’s the whole idea. It should be organic.

It was great to know Evelyn likes the site. It’s wonderful that she’s going to share a link to AWR with everyone she knows. But most important was her gift of faith.

Evelyn is an amazing woman. She knew exactly what to say. Her timing was perfect. Her thoughtfulness will have a huge impact.

She restored my faith with three simple words: "They will come."

Thank you Evelyn.