A Dime a Dozen?

I have the good fortune of connecting with, or being inspired by, amazing women everywhere, all the time. In bars, restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, parks, airports and workshops. AND on the internet.

Last week was no exception.

I met Angela, Michelle and Sergit at the sushi bar. Larger than life and ready for fun, they were out for a night on the town (watch out town!).

I was bowled over by Hamda, Mahra, Sandous and Aisha, four UAE National women who attended a presentation skills workshop I delivered in Dubai (watch out world!).

Heba, a young Palestinian woman, who participated in the same workshop, surprised me with her quiet determination. Amy made me laugh, J.K. Rowing made me cry. Tricia supported me, Elaine advised me. Lynn listened (as usual).

Today Mariel and Marietta shared their joy with me, and Yin Yin gave me a superb massage.

Yes, amazing women are everywhere. So plentiful that some might say they’re “a dime a dozen.”

But to me, each and every one is priceless.