Baa Baa Blues

I meet amazing women EVERYWHERE, including online.

This summer, I was fortunate to connect with a woman who has inspired me over the past few months with her courage, determination, and generosity.

She’s smart, talented and multi-dimensional. I love her quick wit, quirky sense of humour, AND her sound.

Jennifer Marriott (aka Average Geeky Musician Chick), is a fabulous blues singer and songwriter, a member of the worldwide Joomla bug squad, a wife, grandmother, and all around hot and funky chick who is in the process of discovering more about who she is, and is sharing some of that with me (and the world), through her words and music.

Despite the fact that we’re continents apart and we’ve never met in person, Jennifer and I have become friends. We’ve spoken on the phone only once, but we’ve chatted online many, many times about many, many things. We exchange bits and pieces of each other’s stories and each other’s wisdom. We speak of our trials, tribulations, truths and sometimes our victories.

One of her most recent triumphs is winning, with her band Odd Sheep Out, the right to compete at the 25th International Blues Challenge which will be held in Memphis Tennessee from February 4 – 7, 2009.

I’m delighted to share some of her story, and some of her music. Check out her website here.