I Want More!

devan_pink_pail_by_the_sea.jpgI want more of just about everything.

I want more time, for example. I want more time to:

…blog on AWR, and share stories about my amazing trip to Japan, what’s happening in my life and what I’m thinking at the moment.

I want more time to:

  • …be with friends and family, the one I was born into, AND the one I’ve created
  • …put lots and lots of great content on AWR
  • …connect with more and more amazing women everywhere
  • …exercise and keep fit
  • …read and write
  • …learn new things
  • …meet new people
  • …go to the movies
  • …listen to music
  • …tweet, facebook, & connect

I want more time to do more: more good, more sport, more adventure, more discovery, more everything!

I want more love, compassion and forgiveness – in the world, and in my life. I want to give more of it. I want to get more of it.

I want more laughter. I want more tears. I want more fun. I want more silence, more beauty, more experiences, more knowledge, more wonder, more joy, more magic, more creativity, more peace, more stillness, more gratitude.

I want more lovers. Then again, even ONE would do. I want more sex. Then again, even SOME would do!

I want more colour, more trees, more sand, more water, more nature, more sensuality, more music, more dancing, more light, more dark.

I want more people to visit this website.

I want more people to find joy and happiness.

I want more people to have more of whatever THEY want more of.

I want more food for the hungry, water for the thirsty, homes for the homeless, wealth for the poor, and joy for those who despair.

I want more life in my life. I want to EXPLORE MORE!

The only thing I really want less of is STUFF. In fact, the whole world could use less STUFF.

So today I got rid of half of the stuff I had. Gave it away, recycled it or threw it away. Tomorrow I’m going to get rid of more…

Because as I get more in touch with what is most important in my life, I’m beginning to realize that more isn’t really more. As I get down to the core, I’m beginning to find that LESS is actually more.