Dizzying Views From Top Of Burj Dubai Spire – SCARY!!

Love it or hate it, the Burj Dubai is something to behold.

I see "The Burj" up close and personal every day when I’m in Dubai (my home for nine months of the year), because it’s virtually across the street from where I live.

These two relatively recent pieces offer some interesting facts about (and some dizzying views from), the world’s tallest building, which continues to be a source of fascination for architectural aficionados around the globe.

You wouldn’t catch me making movies from the top of the spire – and the fellow featured in the breathtaking piece from the Burj’s apex looks none too comfortable doing it either!

See for yourself in this amateur videographer’s view, posted just a few days ago on YouTube…

…then get the facts and figures from ABC’s more professional report: