Pinkie Patti, Punkie & Pia’s Peace Day Poem

My Mom has Alzheimer’s.

She doesn’t know what time of the day it is, let alone the day of the week, or the month.

Sometimes she doesn’t know even know the season of the year. Or what she just ate. Or the name of her cat.

img_2605.jpgOne day soon she won’t know who I am either.

But even in her demented state of mind, she knows it’s wrong to torture people, she knows that sometimes you have to fight back, she feels compassion for those who suffer, and she still understands the meaning of peace. And of love.

I am my mother’s daughter. If I live long enough, I will likely follow the same path as she, into mindlessness.

Also like her, I will never stop speaking out for what I believe in: one world in peace, prosperity and equality for all.

 Happy Peace Day. Whoever and wherever you are 🙂