Help Women in Need Get Free Mammograms: It Only Takes One Click!

Want to do something meaningful during breast cancer awareness month? And then keep it up every day with hardly any effort whatsoever?

It’s easy.

You can help underprivileged women in the United States get free mammograms by visiting The US-based Breast Cancer site and clicking on the pink button that says "Click here to Give."

And you can get there from here by clicking anywhere on the image below.

breast_cancer_site_pic_to_click.jpg Here’s how it works:

The funding generated by visitor clicks is paid by site sponsors, whose ads appear after you click.

The advertising money goes to the nonprofit National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF), founded by breast cancer survivor Janelle Hail.

The Breast Cancer Site also has an online store which also gives a portion of the proceeds from each sale to the cause.

NBCF uses the funding that visitors help generate by clicking (and/or buying) to provide free mammography screenings to low-income, homeless and inner-city women in the United States. Without the clicks, these women would not receive the gift of early detection — the key to survival and better treatment options.

You can click the site once each day, and each click helps to generate funding for free mammography. A very cool feature of the site is that they will email you a reminder each day to visit the site and do the clicking thing (which takes virtually no time and effort, but which could potentially help save someone’s life through early detection). I’ve been getting the reminder emails for several months – they’re great prompts.

Since The Breast Cancer Site began in 2000, it has funded free mammograms for more than 11,000 women in need, and more than 16,000 if you include mammograms funded by purchases at the store!

The click campaign enabled the Breast Cancer Site to fund more than 11,000 free mammograms in the United States since it was established in 2000. In 2008 and 2007 alone, it funded 3,315 and 3,801 free mammograms respectively. The site is trying to reverse the decline in clicks and funding in 2009 – so every click counts.

It’s a great way to help less privileged women be healthy and to increase breast cancer awareness. Too bad there isn’t something similar being done on an international basis – or maybe there is, and I don’t know about it….. if that’s the case, please share what you know, so I can tell others..

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