Nine Goofy Reasons (& One Great One) To Wear Pink Every Day

susan_cap_colour.jpgAs you can see from the photo, I don’t need an excuse to go pink, but in case you do, here are 10 reasons to wear pink every day (nine of the them are kinda’ goofy, and the last is a very good one):

1) So you won’t be mistaken for a Ninja turtle

Everyone knows that Ninja turtles dress almost exclusively in green and brown except for their individually coloured eye masks, none of which is pink.

2) To relieve pain
Does deciding what colour to wear every day give you a headache? Choose pink and be pain free!

3) To give a creative answer to “How are you’?
It creates the perfect opportunity to answer the hundreds of “How are you?s” you get every day with something positive, plausible and pertinent: “I’m in the pink!”

4) To be considered as a brand ambassador for Pepto-Bismol

Pepto-Bismol is the infamously (and nauseatingly) pink liquid medicine touted to relieve symptoms associated with all kinds of tummy upsets. Wearing pink every day increases your chances of being spotted by the brand’s ‘pink patrollers’ who scour the globe looking for people to appear in Pepto-Bismol TV commercials and videos.

5) To be incognito when you eat cotton candy
Ever wonder how to be inconspicuous when you eat the spun sugar snack at the circus? Just wear pink – problem solved.

6) To sneak up on flamingos more easily
Pink is the perfect camouflage when trying to get up close and personal with a flock of flamingos.

7) To save money
Initially, the more pink you wear, the more pieces of pink clothing you will need to acquire (easily done these days as pink is the new black). However, once your wardrobe comprises entirely pink clothing it will be much easier to mix and match, so you will need fewer pieces of clothing overall. The long-term savings potential is huge.
8) To promote world peace
Pink is the color of universal love. People who wear pink tend to be perceived as peaceful, calm and non-threatening. Maybe if we all wore pink we could eliminate war.

pink_ribbon.jpg9) To be a great fan
Wear pink to pay homage to your favourite band or singer (e.g. Pink Floyd, Pink), movie (The Pink Panther, The Colour Pink) or an amazingly PINK gossip blog.

10) To show respect and solidarity
Finally, on a serious note, wearing a pink ribbon is a symbol of caring, compassion and hope for the millions of women who live with, and die from, breast cancer every year. This is the best reason in the world to wear pink.