The Difference 50 Alzheimer’s Days Can Make

http://amazingwomenrock.com/ ‘s creator @AmazingSusan’s (that’s me!) Mom (Pinkie Patti) has Alzheimer’s.

Pinkie Patti declined steadily, particularly mentally, from about 2005 onwards with the disease. Physically, she remained quite healthy and active.

On November 16, 2012, just under two months after her 84th birthday Pinkie Patti moved from her home of 40+ years to a care facility, because I could no longer care for her, even with the help of amazing caregivers like Caroline (who appears in the first part of the clip).

Initially, Patti seemed to adjust fairly well to the home. The nurses and caregivers at the home share a deep concern for the residents, but the ratio of staff to residents doesn’t allow them to give the one-on-one personal care some residents, like Pinkie Patti, need.

Pinkie Patti got urinary tract infection (UTI), common in elderly patients who must wear incontinence products (otherwise known as adult diapers and the brand name Depend). The UTI was followed by a thrombosis in her left leg, she was hospitalized with the thrombosis for a week. All of this knocked the stuffing out of her. The result is what you see in the video.

She declined more in 50 days than she had in the previous two years. Such a tragedy. Such a terrible disease.