16 Ways to See a Winter Morning

IMG 5128I love to take pictures of interesting, unusual and beautiful things I find when I go for a walk or run (more of the former than the latter lately due to colds and injuries).

I particularly enjoy mornings and have found ways to make them more joyful (six ways you can to it too).

Photography is easier in spring, summer and fall than in winter as hands freeze when mittens are removed, and glasses fog up or frost over (depending on the temperature) making it hard to 1) maneuver and 2) see properly.

I wasn’t deterred by the challenges this morning when I captured leaves, grasses, mailboxes, a bird house, a leftover Christmas wreath and more.

My favourite find today was a frozen coke bottle about which I composed this cheeky rhyme:


SQ 261


Naughty Susan! The rest of the images are in the galleries below.