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small joys r/hide up on the shelf

small joys pony on shelf cropped


This poem was born in May 2016.

I tend to write poetry in despair. This piece is different. More hopeful about the possibility of emerging from pain and reclaiming the joy and laughter that’s always stored somewhere, even though we sometimes mistakenly believe it’s beyond reach.


small joys r/hide up on the shelf

a poem by punkie


small joys
like children’s toys
r/hide up on the shelf

take them down
play the clown
free your inner self

find your soul
amidst the toll
drain the pain from life

wield the blade
that clears the glade
of hurt, and stress, and strife

tap strength within
peel back the skin
of bruises black and blue

you are found
put on your crown
to thine own heart be true


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