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hide and seek

8726450 - mysterious woman pulls the blinds apart to see the outside world


This poem is dedicated to pattymac3636.


hide and seek

by punkie


there you lurk
behind the scenes
your self disguised
as her diseased

watching replays
reading prose
plotting how
to overthrow

each step you take
makes me sicker
blood is thicker

here i am
for all to see
open, honest,
tied, yet free
rising, shining

like the sun
writing rhymes
just for fun

track me, hack me
drink your swill
zero in
for the kill

will you catch me
in a blunder
before the moon
is six feet under?

skulk and spy
all you like
know i will not
give up the fight

tell your lies
spread your slander
count your pennies
while you pander

truth be told
light prevails
one day comes
the holy grail



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Copyright: warrengoldswain / 123RF Stock Photo


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