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This is a piece of erotic poetry. Reader and listener discretion advised 🙂


© 2019 punkie





i don’t know

how we got here:

perhaps you carried me

or maybe i led, and you followed.

it doesn’t matter now, i am on my back

naked before you as you lie on your side

by mine, your head propped up on your right

hand while your left softly and slowly traces the

lines of my breasts, my tummy, my waist. i watch you

watch your finger slow dance on my belly before it slips

between my legs to explore the wetness below. you take your

time there: touching, feeling, probing. no rush. and no hurry. you

bring your gaze back to mine, slide one finger, and then two gently

inside. you close your eyes. your cock presses harder into my flank against

love and forgiveness. mmmmm. i moan. your eyes open, look into mine. broken

rules and promises are scattered in invisible bits and pieces around us but we deny

them in this moment of you and me and desire catching fire. we are in another world.

fingers withdraw from the warmth, you lift them to your mouth, taste me. then i kiss you.


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