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love, carole

Inspired by a true story of love, loss and grief.

love, carole


love, carole

as we danced all night
in a dark corner alone
i didn’t know evil
had invaded my bones

i just wanted to leave
the life that was mine
a husband who drank
and crossed over the line

i was young, you were younger
but we knew something of life
we’d already experienced
its sorrows and strife

in your arms i found solace
the caring i lacked
your touch was a salve
that healed all the cracks

the joy that we found
in the time that we shared
gave me hope, healed my soul
was beyond all compare

when you moved to the east
you begged and cajoled
“come with me my love,
let us finally be whole.”

but by then it was clear
death knocked at the door
how could i subject you
to what lay in store?

all i could give you
were three final days
to kiss you goodbye
before going away

from then ’til my death
not a moment went by
you weren’t in my heart
or the tears in my eyes

i missed you each sunrise
each minute, each hour
i longed for you near
for your love, and its power

when I finally left
my broken flesh shell
in a dream with a train
i bid you farewell

i know you forgive me
for leaving you then
and i’ve always been with you
in the sun and the wind

i read the letter you wrote
the one that you buried
to end decades of grief
at your core you had carried

please know i still love you
i am alive deep within
in your thoughts and desires
through thick and through thin

love, carole



© 2019 Susan Macaulay




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