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the real thing is risky business

Being authentic is not without hazards. It often leads me to places I hadn’t planned on being — places I’d rather not be once I get there. But having been lost, heartbroken and/or struggling before, I know what to do: I ask the universe for help.

It always comes in one form or another. Sometimes through messages in my environment, sometimes via angels who walk in and out of my life, sometimes it comes in the form of inner strength I didn’t know I had until it bubbles unexpectedly to the surface.

This time my friend Elaine Kelly told me (from the other side of the world) what she valued and appreciated in me, and in so doing reminded me of who I am at my core; she said:

“I love you. You wear your heart on your sleeve and you go out there without any walls or barriers. You just give so much. I love your raw integrity and the passion you share in everything you do, like you did with your mother. You just give everything to someone you care about, and that is incredibly rare and special. I’ve always respected you deeply for  being your authentic self and not letting anyone stop you from expressing who you are. That is very very rare, and that’s why I love you.”

I cried of course. I needed that reminder. I also needed reminding that putting yourself out there is risky business, and sometimes you get hurt. A lot.

A few days later, when I heard the wonderful story below about authenticity, and about how being authentic is the essence of coming home, I was reminded that putting yourself out there and taking risks can also bring joy, foster understanding and create change.


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