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3 things i’m grateful for today 20/04/30


There was no one on the trail with me on this rainy morning. I propped my phone on a sign post and set the timer to capture me and my colours.

  1. I’m grateful I am able to get up every morning and, if I choose to, go outside for a walk down a trail with trees on either side of me and gravel under my feet. Sometimes I walk in the middle of the day. Sometimes in the late afternoon. Sometimes alone. Sometimes with a friend. Whenever or however, I am grateful for the privilege of still being able to walk.
  2. I’m grateful for the rain, and for all the ways in which it falls: in soft showers, in driven sheets, as drizzle, or like nails in a thunderstorm.
  3. I’m grateful I have a big umbrella that covers me in a riot of colour on wet and grey days. It reminds me that I can have a rainbow with me wherever I go, no matter what the weather is, no matter how seemingly gloomy my environs.



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