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20 common traits of grandiose narcissists

Of all the types of narcissists, grandiose types are the easiest to identify (think Trump!).

As you look at these traits, be aware that narcissists may exhibit any, all or a some from any of the other types (i.e. covert, malignant) at any time.

Also be aware that, as with all personality traits, narcissism is present to greater or lesser degrees in all of us. Problems arise when an individual is at the extreme end of the spectrum.

20 traits of grandiose narcissists

Note: These twenty “grandiose” traits are in addition to those exhibited by narcissists in general.

  1. compulsively attract attention to themselves
  2. make dramatic, loud, or otherwise ostentatious displays
  3. act outwardly arrogant and hottie, especially with those things US underlings
  4. demand admiration and agreement and with impatience or rage
  5. become confrontational and combative when angered
  6. engage in rage is far beyond normal anger
  7. make scenes and throw public tantrums
  8. appear charismatic and public settings well being negligent/abusive at home
  9. avoid appearances of vulnerability and refuse help
  10. preen and brag
  11. listen poorly
  12. interrupt often
  13. lecture and interrogate
  14. need to feel expert at everything
  15. like to give advice
  16. rarely acknowledge our credit others
  17. try to own others talent and success
  18. bolster themselves by besting and evaluating others
  19. need to feel perfect
  20. view anything less than perfection as failure

Note: These twenty “grandiose” traits are in addition to those exhibited by narcissists in general.

The first step in protecting oneself against being harmed by people who are high on the narcissism spectrum is to understand narcissism as well as the traits and behaviours various type of narcissists exhibit.

I’ve taken the list above from Julie L. Hall’s helpful book “The Narcissist in Your Life: Recognizing the Patterns and Learning to Break Free.” The twenty traits are common to most grandiose narcissists.

Grandiose, covert, and malignant narcissists demonstrate additional and/or different traits and behaviours, which I’ve also sourced from Hall’s book. Check out the links below.

I highly recommend Hall’s book to anyone who was raised in a narcissistic family system (as I was), and/or who is or has been in a relationship with someone who is high on the narcissistic spectrum – yes, I’ve been there too! This book is proving to be an invaluable tool in my own ongoing healing process as is Hall’s blog narcissistfamilyfiles.com.

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