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winter shadows

One of the many things I love about winter, besides snow, is the way the light changes.

I am grateful for the way the afternoon sun casts shadows of the hearts I have in my bedroom window onto the opposite wall. The shadows are soft, beautiful and calming. They fill my heart with tenderness, memories and hope for the future.

This poem is about that.

winter shadows

by punkie © 2021

Click on the audio player if you would like to hear me read the poem:

winter shadows

in winter when the sun sinks low
slanted rays through windows flow

casting shadows on the wall
the echoes of an angel’s call

hearts and ferns and angles right
lay soft and silent in the light

like love, they too will soon be gone
as curtains sheer are slowly drawn

their ghosts will even disappear
denying they were one day clear

they leave no mark, no telltale sign
that they were ever really mine

and yet, i hold them in me here
for shadows always reappear


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