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dead bugs are dope

A dead June bug masquerading as a dead cockroach 😛

You don’t get away with much in a FB motorcycle group.

I posted this pic and caption, for example, in the Ottawa Misfits Motorcycle Group:


World’s worst domestic washing her motorcycle gear by hand. Chances that it will come out clean? Zero #LOL

The post generated a small flurry of tongue-in-cheek comments, which inspired me to respond poetically and in comedic kind.

dead bugs are dope

by susan

© 2022

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dead bugs are dope

leave dead bugs
on riding jackets
and dial your cool up
as if with a ratchet

today’s savvy riders
don’t use soap
cuz insect corpses
are oh-so-dope

they stop the rain
from soaking through
how that works
i’ve not a clue

some say they also
keep you warm
once into layers
they have formed

their lifeless bodies
shield yours it’s thought
in case you slide
like you ought not

and when you leave them
on your gear
other riders won’t
dare come near

you’ll be left alone
to ride
with no dumb bastards
at your side

even better
is the fact
they make an awesome
roadside snack

they have a certain
je ne sais quoi
a little like
pan-fried foie gras

let them age
for several years
then pick and scrape them
off your gear

crunchy, tasty
and protein rich
great picnic fare
by a swampy ditch

so listen up
you silly cow
do what’s best
we’ll tell you how:

“them bugs is golden
when they’re dead
don’t wash them off your gear,”
they said


© 2022 Susan Macaulay. I invite you to share my poetry and posts widely, but please do not reprint, reblog or copy and paste them in their entirety without my permission. Thank you.



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