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song request


Readers keep telling me my poems should be set to music. Unfortunately, I am the most unmusical person on the planet. So I’m looking for musicians who might like to pair my words with their music.

This poem is about that.



Read here:

song request

please take my words
and make them sing
set them loose
and give them wings

they’re stuck upon
some page you see
when all they want
is to be free

to catch the wind
and sail today
to destinations
far away

places they only
dream of now
because I simply
don’t know how

to write them all
into a song
where they think
they might belong

please match my words
to notes and keys
let them drift
on a rhythmic breeze

hold them gently
in your hand
or share them
with a marching band


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don’t put me in a cage

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a canadian rider’s winter prayer

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