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sign sign everywhere a sign :)

All white in shining armour in Blakeney (photo thanks to David Dern <3)

This summer (2023), the Canadian Motorcycle Cruisers – Ottawa Chapter # 011 is inviting its members (of which I am one) to participate in weekly photo challenges. This week’s challenge, the sixth of the summer, was to take one or more selfies in gear with your ride and a ‘city’ sign. The winner, who is chosen by a random draw, gets a gift certificate. It’s a fun way to engage members and get people out riding and exploring new places.

My interpretation of ‘city’ was quite broad and I took pics during morning and afternoon rides on Saturday July 8. I didn’t venture far because I was short on time, but I had fun <3

See the routes and the signs in the Relive videos below:





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we rode a long way, baby


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