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my 2023 glass christmas tree


I began decorating my Christmas trees with glass three decades ago (time flies!) during my first of eighteen Christmasses in the United Arab Emirates. Over the years, I bought glass and crystal ornaments as I travelled to different parts of the world and eventually the branches of my unconventional trees contained only breakables.

In 2021, I decided not to pack away my collection of crystal Swarovski snowflakes, which now hang in my windows year round. They fill the walls with rainbows every day, especially in winter.

In 2022, I added a single ‘non-glass’ ornament to my tree: a beautiful hand-felted dark pink lamb made by and gifted to me by my friend Michelle Freemark.

It’s tough to capture just how beautiful the glass trees are. Here’s the 2023 version:


And here are close-ups of some of the ornaments:


Beautiful pink Penelope crafted by Michelle Freemark:

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