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top 50 things canadian motorcyclists do in winter when they can’t ride


Motorcycle riders tend to get twitchy when they can’t ride. For many of us, riding is a lifeline. It keeps us sane in a world that seems to be increasingly insane. Motorcycle riding is good for our mental health.

In winter, the majority of Canadian riders who live in the colder parts of the country put their motorcycles into storage and either pursue other activities (such as skiing, curling, snowboarding, snowshoeing, etc.) or suffer what we call PMS (Parked Motorcycle Syndrome). The latter is a really sad state of affairs…


Top 50 things Canadian motorcycle riders do in winter when they can’t ride:
  1. Miss riding their motorcycle(s)
  2. Hate snow, salt and slippery roads
  3. Talk about motorcycle riding
  4. Visit their bikes wherever they are stored
  5. Talk to their bikes when they visit them
  6. Give in to temptation and sit on their bikes
  7. Start their bikes just to hear the sound
  8. Listen to recordings of the sound of their motorcycles if 4, 5 and 6 are not possible
  9. Wish they had recorded the sound of their ride if they didn’t
  10. Repair their bikes
  11. Shop for new bikes
  12. Go to motorcycle shows
  13. Shop for motorcycle-related stuff
  14. Buy new gear and accessories
  15. Look at parts, order parts, order more parts, shine bike, polish bike, stare at bike, order more parts, repeat….
  16. Wish they had more money to buy more stuff
  17. Add bells and whistles to their bikes
  18. Read motorcycle magazines
  19. Watch motorcycling videos
  20. Meet inside at Timmies and talk about the great times they’ve had meeting outside at Timmies’ in the past and the great times they’re going to have meeting outside at Timmies in the future
  21. Diss riders who only ride from home to Timmies and back
  22. Share stories about motorcycles they’ve owned and rips they’ve been on
  23. Complain about cagers and how they don’t know how to drive
  24. Rue the fact that cagers don’t see motorcyclists (as if it were news)
  25. Diss cyclists and their sense of entitlement
  26. Clean the dead bugs off their gear
  27. Plan rides and trips for the upcoming season
  28. Watch videos and Relives of past motorcycle trips
  29. Post motorcycle memes on social media
  30. Troll motorcycle groups and forums
  31. Pick fights with other riders on social media
  32. Count the months, weeks, days, hours and minutes until spring
  33. Self medicate
  34. Dream about twisties and sweepers and roads and tracks and dirt
  35. Feel as if they might explode
  36. Cry
  37. Cry some more
  38. Replay old motorcycle races and events
  39. Stuff their faces at Swiss Chalet
  40. ten more demonstrated here by my cat

Here’s to spring, summer and fall!


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