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11 things i’m grateful for today 21/10/10

It’s Thanksgiving Day 2021 in Canada and we have so many things to be grateful for, not the least of which is the number of Canadians who have been vaccinated for COVID-19. I hope even more Canadians and people around the world make this healthful and sensible choice and thus help save lives and our health systems.

Whenever I start writing these lists, I have a target number of items to include. Invariably, when I get to the target number, I think of many many many more things I’m grateful for. Today was no exception. The list below barely scratches the surface.

Happy Thanksgiving today and every day <3

11 things I’m grateful for this Canadian Thanksgiving:

1 ) I’m grateful to have a cozy home and to be an Airbnb host, which allows me to welcome and meet interesting people from around the world (mostly Canadians lately #becausecovid)

2) I’m grateful my friend JD has his ride back and has been on the road again (more on that below).

3) I’m grateful for the bell and my bike and the friends who gifted it to me.

4 ) I’m grateful for having been able to learn to ride a motorcycle (and to continue to learn) and for having been on my longest ride yet with new riding friends a couple of days ago. It was the eighth day of the month and my eighth ride on the road all of which is very auspicious if you believe in such things, which I do 🙂 Here’s the route:

5 ) I’m grateful for the seasons and for the changing of them.

6 ) I’m grateful for Pralines and Cream Haagen-Dazs ice cream. And every other flavour of Haagen-Dazs come to think of it. Oh hell. I’m grateful for ice cream full stop.

7 ) I’m grateful for art, artists, and artisans and that there is so much of it and so many of them in Mississippi Mills where we experience it and them all through events such as Art Romp which is happening this weekend. Right now in fact.

8 ) I’m grateful for short sentences.

9 ) I’m grateful I extricated myself from an emotionally abusive toxic relationship one year ago today, and I’m grateful the nightmare is starting to feel over.

10 ) I’m grateful for resilience.

11 ) I’m grateful for my angel friend Lynn who lives in the UK and whose 60th birthday it is today. Happy birthday angel <3


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