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had to stop ’cause it was getting dark :)


May 12 was a gorgeous day in eastern Ontario. Temperature was perfect, skies were blue, not much wind. Plus, it was a weekday, which meant relatively little traffic.

I went for a short spin in the morning; less than 100 kms. Came back home. Had breakfast. Went back out mid-afternoon.

We have beautiful roads in Lanark County. Twisties, sweepers, hills, valleys, views and straight stretches through farm fields that transform with the seasons in a breathtaking cyclical panorama. I love nature’s rich colours and all the aromas of the countryside.

Once I started riding that afternoon, I couldn’t stop – until I had to because it was starting to get dark and I can’t ride or drive  past dusk or before dawn due to vision issues.

The bugs were a bit of challenge I must admit — don’t stop moving for more than seven minutes! — but other than the insects, it was all good.

Oh wait. Except for the unexpected port-a-potty location change in Clayton, which was a little inconvenient because, by that time, I was DYING to go LOL 🙂  (I know. TMI. LOL :p)





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strawberry fields forever. or maybe until monday.

less may be more, but more is better 🙂

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