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less may be more, but more is better :)


(Updated January 2024) “How many bikes is a good number to have?” someone asked in January 2023 in one of the FB motorcycling groups I’m a member of.

The question elicited a long list of numbers and answers. The one I thought most clever and funny was:

“The correct number of motorcycles to have is the number you currently own plus one.”

The quip made me laugh out loud. Even I, who had been riding for less than two years at the time, had  also bought a second motorcycle a couple of months before. I didn’t start riding it until almost a year later, in August 2023.

When I posted this poem about riding and mental health, a fellow Misfits group member included a photograph of his ‘ladies’ with his comment.

What could I do? I had to write another poem 🙂

Here it is:


Read here:

more is better

hondas, kawis, yamahas,
gixxers, enfields, we love ‘em all

one is awesome, but two is better
want a third? quick go get ‘er

in fact, we always need one more
‘til they’re queued up to the door

front wheel to back all in a line
shined up nice and looking fine

they’re also great when side by side
either way, just get more rides!

want to brighten winter gloom?
store them in your living room

dress them up with christmas lights
snug them in your bed at night

one for sport, one for cruising
one for both so no more choosing!

it’s like imelda and pairs of shoes
another one can’t be refused

if your partner cries: ‘oh no’
say: ‘sorry darlin,’ you gotta go

don’t worry about the fuckin’ money
or what you’ll do without your honey

bikes are heaven, as you know
the more you have, the more you crow


© 2023 Susan Macaulay. I invite you to share my poetry and posts widely, but please do not reprint, reblog or copy and paste them in their entirety without my permission. Thank you.

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