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15 things i’m grateful for today 20/04/05

Years ago, I had a daily practice of writing lists of things I was grateful for. I decided to resurrect the practice today – maybe just for today, or maybe for a longer time. We’ll see how it unfolds.

  1. I’m grateful that my Christmas cactus (above) thinks it’s December not April
  2. I’m grateful for the tick tock of my antique clocks, both of which were once my mother’s
  3. I’m grateful for the sense of hearing, and that mine isn’t impaired at the moment
  4. I’m grateful that I have a laptop, and that it still works
  5. I’m grateful I learned how to “touch” type in grade 9
  6. I’m grateful for CBC Ideas, particularly this episode on stoicism, which I knew nothing about until last Friday night. As I listened, I was struck by the synchronicity of some of the ideas and concepts with experiences I’m living through and with right now
  7. I’m grateful for the thought-provoking, anxiety-reducing and insightful TED interview with Elizabeth Gilbert below
  8. I’m grateful for breath, and the ability to breathe and that I still have both
  9. I’m grateful for air
  10. I’m grateful for reconnecting with UU church friends this morning
  11. I’m grateful for overcast days like today that make it easier to stay at home
  12. I’m grateful for the colour, shape and beauty of the single geranium bloom that stands in a crystal vase on an antique table that, like my antique clocks, was also once my mother’s
  13. I’m grateful for almond butter
  14. I’m grateful for Dandelion Foods (where I buy my almond butter!)
  15. I’m grateful I have so many more things than this list of fifteen to be grateful for

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