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ode to a little #pink bullet

In spring 2019, I visited an adult toy store for the first time in years. I’m not in the least bit embarrassed about being in a sex shop — I worked in one in my twenties — but I just hadn’t had the need for one in a long time.

The visit was to procure a new vibrator, the egg-shaped one I’d had for ages having finally given up the ghost. The trip was a great success. I got two new vibes, one of which was a nifty, bullet-shaped, light pink, rechargeable model about the size of my thumb. It was the cat’s meow.

Sadly, about six months later, I dropped the little pink bullet on the floor, and it stopped working properly. Overcome with grief, I wrote a poem in its honour. I thought now might be a good time to share the little ditty and put a smile on readers’ faces #justforfun


ode to a little #pink bullet

© 2019 punkie


ode to a little #pink bullet


rest in peace little bullet
my tiny pink vibe
my heart is so broken
now that you’ve up and died

you didn’t need batteries
could be charged in a flash
but you fell from the bed
hit the floor with a crash

now the parts at your core
the ones that once raced
have slowed to a crawl
a snail’s torpid pace

woe is me little friend
that simply won’t do
it leaves me frustrated
in a climax-free stew

i miss you already
as i lay you to rest
and try to make do
with one second best

but i’ll always remember
our moments together
and forever will treasure
the gift of such pleasure


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at the toy store

can you say “vibrator?”


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