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30 things i’m grateful for today 21/11/30


Often, when I feel I’m not being my best self, or living my best life or that others are not treating me in the way I deserve to be treated, I sit down and write a list of some of the things I’m grateful for. This process invariably infuses me with calm, acceptance, confidence and, of course, gratitude. These are some of the things that rose to the surface on this last day of November 2021.

30 things I’m grateful for today

  1. I’m grateful that no matter where I have lived over the last forty years, I have always enjoyed the most amazing sunsets. Almonte is no exception to the rule.
  2. I’m grateful for the #PINK keychain my friend Christine gave me for The Fox
  3. I’m grateful for being led by a set of seemingly random circumstances and events to the Gordon Lightfoot performance below in which he sing a song that speaks directly to my heart and soul. Interestingly, he never released the song; I’ve included a link to the lyrics below the video.
  4. I’m grateful that it’s no longer yesterday or the day before
  5. I’m grateful for the promise of today and tomorrow
  6. I’m grateful I know who I am at my core (see 3 above and video below)
  7. I’m grateful the spill I had with The Fox wasn’t worse than it was and that neither of us were damaged beyond repair
  8. I’m grateful for the crisp, swift swish and click of exquisitely sharp scissors when I’m getting my hair cut and the way the sound and feel make me drowsy.
  9. I’m grateful that hair grows.
  10. I’m grateful for living in a community in which so many people volunteer their time and expertise for such a large diversity of projects.
  11. I’m grateful for being able to volunteer for the 2021 PuppetsUp! PopUp and for learning (by doing!) how to produce a stage show in the process.
  12. I’m grateful for the unexpected and unexplained fleeting feeling joy that visited my chest for a minute or two as I walked to the post office today
  13. I’m grateful I don’t have COVID
  14. I’m grateful I live in Canada and not it Ethiopia or Yemen or Belarus or Syria or Occupied Palestine or any number of other troubled countries around the world.
  15. I’m grateful that my bruised ribs have healed to the the point they don’t cause me to wince in pain when I roll over in bed at night. The healing is ongoing.
  16. I’m grateful for sleep and that I have the luxury of sleeping in when I don’t get enough of it during the night.
  17. I’m grateful for having recently been reminded of Even Cowgirls Get the Blues, which I read at least four times in my twenties and which I had forgotten about entirely and which I am now re-experiencing in audio via audible. I adore Tom Robbins’ writing style and turns of phrases and I’m laughing out loud regularly as I listen.
  18. I’m grateful I took a typing course in grade 9 – those skills sure have come in handy!
  19. I’m grateful the Ms Thunderbolts of good girls fame is helping me with chores while my ability to help myself is impaired by my broken wrist and recovering dislocated thumb.
  20. I’m grateful my 2009 MacBook Pro hasn’t quit yet, though it’s sounding a little sick and is probably not long for this world.
  21. I’m grateful for the company of Kitty Cat Jax despite the fact he’s a narc <3
  22. I’m grateful for the tips from Meed and Diane on how to trim Kitty Cat’s claws
  23. I’m grateful my last string of white Christmas lights was EXACTLY the right length to wrap around the front window
  24. I’m grateful I had the opportunity to volunteer for Almonte in Concert for three years and also that the gig is over.
  25. I’m grateful the quilted heart I found about a year ago is still hanging in the window on my door.
  26. I’m grateful I can write, and that poetry just bubbles up and spills out sometimes
  27. I’m grateful for the courage of my cousins Catherine and Liane, both of whom face significant health challenges with bravery and grace every single day
  28. I’m grateful for all the amazing people in my life who continue to support and inspire me
  29. I’m grateful for the tick tock of my antique clocks. I don’t really care about that other tic toc
  30. I’m grateful I find things to be grateful for every day even though I don’t always write about them.


Link to the lyrics of the unreleased song.

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