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motorcycle rider saves kitten #love #love #love


According to the YouTube video description, this incident occurred in Mons, Belgium. The video was posted on YouTube in 2019; as of February 11, 2024, it had more than 12 million views and 18,000 comments.

Valentine’s Day week seemed like a good day to share it <3

Note: I’ve provided an English translation below the video for non-French speakers.



Rider says to himself: No! There’s a kitten in the middle of the road. It can’t be.  (He pulls over, gets off his bike, and runs back to where the kitten is crouched in the road)


[To the kitten]: Come here you. Come here. Little Loulou, What are you doing here? Oh, Loulou.

Car driver: What happened?

Rider: I don’t know. I picked him up, but I can’t take him with me. Unfortunately, I’m allergic to cats. But I couldn’t leave him there. [To the kitten]: What’s wrong my little Loulou?  [To the car driver]: He got lost or somebody left him here. How could he end up here?

Car driver: Give him to me.

Rider: You’re going to take him?

Car driver: Yes.

Rider: Oh thank you, sir. He’s caught. Gently. It’s strange that he’s here in the middle of everything. He’s so cute. Thank you so much.

Car driver: [Getting in the car] I hope he speaks French.

Rider: [Laughs] Have a nice day. Goodbye.


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the bell on my bike

the bell on my bike

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