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sunset ride

Mostly, I ride solo. I’m accustomed to solitude so it fits for me.

Still, when the opportunity presents itself I also love to ride with someone else. There’s something special about it that I haven’t yet been able to put my finger on. Perhaps it’s the camaraderie.

Anyway, Ron Ryan and I had been trying to get together for a ride for weeks but something always seem to prevent it: rain, family commitments, other engagements, conflicting schedules, etc.

But it was a grand early evening ride when it finally happened. The weather was perfect. The sky and sunset were stunning and the company was, of course, stellar. Ron took me on some nice roads I hadn’t yet ridden and will surely be riding again. Thanks Ron!

This poem and the video below are about that.

sunset ride

by susan

© 2022

sunset ride

the sky is god’s canvas
the road is a blessing
two friends roll on staggered
with the sun slowly setting

i glance in the mirror
and there is a light
with sol in the distance
only slightly more bright

comfort and safety
behind, to the right
amidst gentle pastels
an explosion of white

and when we are solo
by choice or by chance
we’re never alone
in this earthly expanse

angels sit on our shoulders
hold tight to the bars
guide us back home
when out come stars


And here’s the tracking of the ride:


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