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For Franco Lenzo on his birthday August 2022.


(Listen to the spoken word by clicking on the audio player or read the words below.)


by susan

© 2022

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ohmygod! he’s so hot
it’s a pity he’s not
on the market and ready to wrangle

he’s the kind of a guy
that makes horny girls…sigh
and wish they were with him entangled

but there’s nary a chance
of a franco romance
unless it’s some kind of try-angle

he’s been decades with tracey
who’s so fucking racey
he won’t be lured by someone new fangled

it’s said that she grows
long hard nails on her toes
to scratch his back, while on hers, when his itches

she feeds him omellettes in bed
paints those damn toe nails red
and refrains from being one of them bitches

she named him ‘the hunk’
when she first saw his junk
now the nick has become a hash tag

on his pole he’s been known
to proudly have flown
a teeny tiny canadian flag

he’s at all of the meets
talkin’ everyday street
in bunches of pics with his peeps

lady riders they swoon
as they dance to his tune
and collapse at his feet in huge heaps

but no problem!

he turns on the charm
scoops them up in his arms
shows off by doing deep knee bends

and hey, by the way,
he’s famous they say,
plays guitar on evenings and weekends

fans queue and wait
in the hopes of a date
with the funkiest, hunkiest dude

hoards of bros, sexy sistahs
they all call him mistah
and want to be part of his crew

he’s top of the charts
in our minds and our hearts
yep he is, that old #hunkofalenzo

lives his life in the fast lane
rides his bike like a freight train
keeps on being the star of the show
© 2022 Susan Macaulay. I invite you to share my poetry and posts widely, but please do not reprint, reblog or copy and paste them in their entirety without my permission. Thank you.


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