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Two-day loop marks one-year anniversary


The onset of June marks an anniversary: the first time I filled my motorcycle tank at a gas station.

I’d ridden about 2,000 kilometres by that point; a total of 1,500 in September and October 2021 (before this) and another 500 or so in May 2022.

But I had never ridden into a gas station to fill up. I was too petrified that I would lose control of the bike and run into a gas pump. Every time I needed to top-up the fuel, I did so in my garage using a 20-litre plastic jerry can. When it was empty, I drove to the gas station in my car, filled up the jerry can and brought it back to my place.

Silly? Maybe. But it felt safe and comfortable and it worked for me.

Sometime during the first week of June last year, I felt confident enough to try riding into a gas station. Thankfully, or impressively, depending on how you look at it, I didn’t run into any of the four gas pumps. Phew.

To mark the occasion and test my riding-distance limits, I did a 775-km-loop over two days. On Monday, I rode from Almonte, ON, to Sundridge, ON, where I stayed overnight with Tania, Rebel, Lilly and the snake (more about all that later) and rode back to Almonte on Tuesday. It was hot and fun and a learning experience as usual.

I had to stop for gas several times. And I didn’t hit a single pump in the process.

Yay me 🙂



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bison bits, hay bales and road snakes.

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