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if at first you don’t quite succeed…


Today was YET ANOTHER PERFECT DAY for riding. Almost better than Sunday.

As it was such an amazing day, I thought I would again try a loop to Barry’s Bay – this time with some variations to shorten the time, increase the distance and avoid gravel. I achieved two of the three. Yay me!

I rode twenty-five more kilometers (somewhat different route) in two hours less time (not as much dillydallying and yakking and instead more riding LOL); but I did not manage to avoid gravel (there were several kilometers worth on Opeongo Road). On the plus side, gravel is good practice.

Today’s ride highlights included:

  • randomly meeting Shawn Devlin at the Bogie General Store and riding Centennial Lake Road and through Denbigh together until he turned left for Bancroft and I went right toward Shutt
  • seeing where I went wrong with the missed left-hand turn in Sunday’s loop
  • discovering the bay-side park, and more important, the PARK BENCH in Barry’s Bay
  • getting to the right sign and riding the whole of Letterkenny instead of only a portion of it
  • visiting the Quadeville General Store for a second time and once again chatting with the locals
  • re-seeing the views from the top of the hill
  • re-discovering the OTHER Opeongo Road (either there are three of them or I am terribly confused)
  • having several people comment on the Brake Free light on my helmet (consensus? very cool!)
  • seeing many more riders en route than I did two days ago
  • not getting lost
  • getting only slightly rained on
  • arriving home safe and sound

I hope everyone else had a wonderful day.

Take care and #ridesafe. Today’s Relive vid is here:


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