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stephanie’s shy side sings a six-second song


Stephanie Gilman loves all things theatrical.

She has a degree in drama, psychology, and education.  She taught high school drama and special education; enjoys community theatre on stage, behind the scenes, and in the audience; and last performed locally in the Humm Production of Sketchy Santa.

Stephanie is looking forward to odd-itioning for The Wizard is.. Odd!? in a couple of weeks. With that in mind, she composed a little tune and sang it for us a cappella on the spot the other day. She likes this ‘work in progress’ she says, but she’s going to polish it for her odd-ition; she recommends others aiming for singing roles also spend a wee bit of time preparing their songs and voices (hint, hint).

Odd-itions for The Wizard is… Odd!? are April 13 and 15. See you there!



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