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which will would you want?


When it became known that Humm Team Productions is holding ‘odd-itions’ for their next theatrical extravaganza The Wizard is… Odd!? the local community responded with enthusiasm and questions. We answered most of the questions here. We’re still working on Question 8) What can I do to prepare for the audition? Stay tuned.

In the meantime, we ran into Will Richardson at a workshopping session where we asked if he might give us his interpretation of several audition styles and a little blurb to go with them.

Here’s Will in a nutshell:

“Will Richardson attended Canterbury High School for the Arts and Ryerson University for Theatre Arts. After spending a few years as a vagabond actor and director, he changed course and settled into a long career as a TV Show director and voice-over artist. He is returning to his community theatre roots (he appeared in Sketchy Santa in 2022) and loves to work with the whole crew at Humm Team Productions.”

And here are his three thirty-second audition clips:




If you were a creative team putting on a play, which Will would you be most likely to cast?


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    • Hmmmm. We’re thinking the middle one is a tad overdone. Perhaps something a little less dramatic would work – something between the middle one and the bottom one…

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