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the best laid plans…


Posting that “…it might be a little breezy,” was my first mistake. ‘Breezy’ was the understatement of the year so far. It was a hurricane out there. I had jinxed myself before I even started.

My second mistake was to not turn back when I came upon a garbage ‘can’ in the middle of the road in the cluster of homes on Cemetery side road between the bridge over the 7 and Beckwith 9th Line.  I watched the plastic container bounce across the road in front of me and the oncoming traffic and, while I stopped and relocated it to the ditch where no one was likely to hit it, it didn’t occur to me to turn around because it was blowing a gale out there. Nah. I kept going.

My third mistake was to bear right instead of left in Smith Falls, which meant I never made it to Jasper, Easton Corners, Hemlock Corners, North Augusta or New Dublin, but instead went directly to North Augusta and missed checking a good 15% of our International Female Ride Day route.

I could have turned around and gone home then. But nah. I kept going. And, as a result, got blown all over the road for the next four and a half hours LOL.

My friend Jenn texted me about halfway through the loop.

“Are you riding?” She wrote. “It’s windy out there…”

Jenn isn’t the worrying kind.

Then, after I put TheFox in the garage, my phone pinged with a request from my friend James (who has ridden to hell and back without blinking an eye).

“Shoot me a text when you get in,” it said. “It’s windy out there.”

If your way-more-experienced rider friends are worried about the wind, you know what you have just ridden through was a wee bit more than what your imagination imagined.

Still, I made it home safe and sound. Despite the breeze and the change in plans…



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