a nursery rhyme for violent times




hack and kill

a poem by punkie


Hack and Kill went up the hill

To see whom they might slaughter.

Just for kicks they fired their sticks

Amidst a bunch of squatters. Read More…

for the sake of childish games


mary had a little blog


I spent a month un-publishing hundreds of blog posts, videos, images, and poems born from my core.

Why? Because a few people who wield a little power fear slivers of the truth I write. Read More…

wreck the halls and fa la la la la for a world gone mad


looking down a double barrel vintage 2


I’m really tired. We’re all really tired.

“We” being the vast majority of people worldwide who are fed up with the violence, torture and killing a small crazy percentage continues to wreak on innocent others using all kinds of weapons large and small.

It’s time it all stopped.

Enough is enough no matter what language you speak, or what God you worship, or not for that matter.

Here’s a little ditty for these festive times (sing to the tune of Deck the Halls): Read More…

even in prison there’s space between the bars


hands on bars black neon



a short poem

by punkie


fearful others

choke and smother

the right to seek and find Read More…

beware the charming king of swords and his evil pair of queens


a nurse her re rhyme


reversed king swords tarot©2015 by punkie


the king is in the parlour,

pissed off at his sister

the queens are in the pantry

finding ways to twist her


like the princess and the pea

she is quite contrary

the brat, the bitch, the mean old witch,

the cursed mary mary


what can be done to stop her dead?

her blog is such a bother

she blurts and spurts until it hurts,

and denigrates her father Read More…

inspiration for underdogs: the story of david and goliath revisited


warrior woman


As an Aquarian, I often find myself on the leading edge of change.

I’m an early adopter. I see possibilities where others don’t; I have a never-ending stream of ideas. I sometimes find it hard to understand why others don’t see what to me is as plain as day. Read More…

What do Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and US NSA whistleblower Edward Snowdon have in common?


Trudeau and Snowden


Something fundamentally world changing it would seem.

Justin Trudeau is the newly elected Prime Minister of Canada, sworn into office Wednesday, November 4, 2015.

Eric Snowden is the US National Security Agency whistleblower who gained notoriety in 2013 for leaking information about the NSA and mass surveillance. Read More…

7 great reasons to drink red wine


red wine


This little gem of an infographic made my day, week, month and year. Had to share. Thanks to for the information 🙂

Read More…

i fell off my bike


Naked woman on tricycleFirst cycle of the season = first fall of the season.

Yep, fell over in middle of road  in the midst of changing gears.

It may have been a derailer issue, or perhaps it was the fact that I couldn’t get my feet detached from the pedals quickly enough.

Anyway, I lay there for a bit to make sure I wasn’t dead.

I wasn’t.

Only slightly battered and bruised.

I was reminded of life. And was grateful to still be living it.

Got up. Dusted self off.

Checked for potential injuries. Found none of consequence.

Put the chain back on where it was supposed to be (learned that handy trick last year). Wiped eye with greasy fingers and smeared black crap all over face.

Got back on bike. Kept going. No other choice.

Equally worth remembering are: the delicious smell of lilacs, the rush of white water, crab apple trees in blossom, and a lone fly fisherman in the river.

Stay tuned…

P.S. it was a bike not a trike and I wasn’t naked, though I will be in the future and you can stay tune for that too 😛

the paradox of chaos


Black hole of chaos w pink rays

The black hole of chaos with pink rays by Yang MingQi

“Paradox is the very core of the universe,” I wrote, having spent a good chunk of the last decade contemplating exactly that.

I keep running headlong into seemingly diametrically opposed ideas, facts, truths and the like existing in the same time and space and being equally valid. Impossible, but true.

Paradox fascinates me.

“I would prefer chaos to paradox, however, just semantics (grok)?” He emailed back.


“Chaos and paradox the same? Not really,” I thought to myself, and then decided to investigate further.

I turned to the repository of everything – the Internet. Read More…